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What Should You Know About Cat Litter?

Cats are unique animals endowed with overflowing independence and intelligence that makes them perfect companions for most of us. From living in apartments to thriving in suburban houses or farms, cats are animals that can adapt to our situation, give us the attention we need in difficult times, and stay with us for years to come. Cats have an independent nature, which makes them more self-sufficient than dogs, and they do not require the same level of attention to develop correctly. However, that doesn't mean they aren't affectionate.

Cats have been scientifically proven to aid in stress relief and can form genuine emotional connections with their handlers. Sure, kitties aren't as expressive as puppies, and in many ways, they only do what they wish. But they are funny, loyal, and cuddly. Therefore, for many people, they are the ideal pet. However, although they can adapt wonderfully to our presence and, in their way, truly love us, cats have retained a good deal of their instincts, which means you'll have to buy specific accessories to keep those instincts from turning into destructive tendencies.

Have you bought a new sofa that soon became the favourite target of your kitty's claws? Do you want your fluffball to stop training his hunting instincts on your curtains? Then, you'll have to invest in toys and cat scratching posts. Is your cat used to living indoors, and you don't want to let her room outside? Then, the acquisition of high-quality cat litter will be necessary. Kitties are, in many ways, more accessible to own than dogs. However, they need attention and the acquisition of accessories to make their ownership process easier.

What Types of Cat Litter Should You Choose?

For one thing, you'll need to choose a litter that appeals to your cat's needs while minimising odours. Are you looking for cost-efficient litter that is widely available in most Australian pet shops? Then, you should buy clumping clay litter. However, if your cat isn't the biggest fan of its texture and avoids using it, then you could go for a non-clumping variant, which will require more frequent replacement.

Is your main priority the absorptive capacity of the litter? Then, you could go for silica gel, which can be scented with a fresh fragrance while being more lasting than other types of litter. However, silica gel is more expensive than other options, and it also doesn't clump, which can be problematic for some cat owners. Are you on the lookout for biodegradable options? Then, you could opt for paper pallets or ones made from pine. And if you want to make disposal more manageable, a good choice would be to choose flushable litter.

You'll also have a choice between scented and unscented litter. Unscented options are ideal for cats who have a strong olfactory sense. Scented litter, on the other hand, can mask odours and is the preferred option of most cat owners unless their fluffballs have an aversion to it. The options available to you are varied, and the differences between products depend on the manufacturer. However, the Australian market is diverse, and more than likely, you'll be able to find a quality cat litter to your kitty's liking at a great price.

Why Do Kitties Bury Their Waste?

Cats are lovely animals that, in our company, can be the cuddliest bundles of joy imaginable. However, cats domesticated themselves significantly later than dogs, and for this reason, they have retained many of the instincts they employ in the wild. Who do cats bury their waste? For one thing, it's a matter of security. Cats, although they are formidable predators with a hunting success rate unheard of in the wild, are not the largest of creatures and, for this reason, are vulnerable to attack by other animals. Therefore, one of the measures they adopt to mask their scent is to bury their waste.

Cats also bury their waste to signal to other cats they are not a threat to their territory, and it's a way for them to keep their space tidy. Cats are clean animals, and the instinct to clean themselves and cover their scent is triggered from their first weeks of life. This bury instinct is powerful, which is why cats, unlike dogs, don't need to be potty trained, learning everything they need in their first two months. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean accidents can't happen occasionally. However, if your cat regularly refuses to use the litter box, then this may be a sign of a pressing health problem that needs to be investigated.

What Types of Litter Boxes Should I Consider?

Australia is home to over 3.8 million pet cats, and what they all have in common is the need for high-quality litter boxes. However, the market is saturated with various options to choose from, so you may have difficulty selecting a product that is suitable for both your home and the preferences of your kitty. What are the main types of litter boxes you can choose from? For starters, the most purchased ones are open litter boxes.

Their advantage is they are cheap, easy to maintain, widely available, and ideal for cats who prefer open spaces. However, the open-air design does nothing to trap odours, and if your cat tends to kick out its litter, then open-air boxes do not help prevent a mess. The next most popular option is covered litter boxes, which are suitable for kitties who prefer privacy. Moreover, this type of litter box prevents litter tracking and confines odours, which can be appropriate if you are living in a small apartment. However, closed litter boxes are more challenging to clean.

If money is not a problem, then you could also go for self-cleaning or disposable litter boxes. Nevertheless, which product is right for you will depend on your cat's preferences. Kitties have wildly different personalities, and what works for one may not be suitable for others. Choosing a litter box can be a trial and error process. Therefore, it's essential to be patient and observant of your cat's behaviour.

A Necessity for All Cat Owners

The ownership process of cats is more straightforward than for other types of pets. Cats are independent, intelligent, clean, and loving, and because of this, they are preferred by no less than 30% of all Australian households. But in order to enjoy the company of your kitty for as long as possible, you'll need to invest in some quality accessories that will make your fluffball fit into your home.

From high-quality kibble to cat scratching posts or toys, your cat needs distractions and quality items to develop correctly. However, perhaps the most essential accessory you can invest in is a box with high-quality cat litter. For cats, burying their waste is an instinct that helps them mask their scent from predators. Moreover, it is a method by which they can show their submissiveness to other kittens present in the household.

You don't have a litter box? Then, your fluffball may become stressed, which in turn will lead to behaviour problems. Quality litter is necessary for any responsible pet owner, and the variety of products available on the Australian market ensures that whatever your budget is, you will find quality cat litter that will suit the needs of your furry friend.
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