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What is a static caravan?


A towable static caravan park Suffolk is a vehicle, other than the one you drive, that is attached to it via a trailer. Unlike motorhomes in which the house moves with the vehicle.

What is a static caravan?

On the contrary, there are people who have static caravan used, in which they stay temporarily, but do not move it. He has it, let's say, planted, on a piece of land and uses it as a house sporadically without traveling.

Therefore, it is static, but it has your things inside, you sleep in it from time to time, the windows of it would be windows of a house and perhaps you don't want a branch to fall while it is stopped... You already know where come on. You have to secure it.

What does or can insurance cover for static caravans?

To be covered against various situations, we suggest some of them so that we can help you create your ideal caravan insurance.


You must protect yourself from fires that may arise or be caused by third parties and may affect the caravan. For example, if a fire breaks out on a nearby farm and ends up spreading, it could affect our mobile home, without it having originated within it.

Freaks of nature:

Sometimes rain, snow, or heavy hail can cause damage to our caravan. For example, damaging the roof, damaging a window or causing something to hit our vehicle. And then? So, nothing, if you have insurance, they take care of everything.

Electrical phenomena:

Suppose we have the static caravan for sale with pitch and we connect an appliance to the socket, and suddenly, something smells bad. A spark jumps. Something burns or fails. It can be a scare from a short circuit or a disaster.

Glass breakage:

Imagine that an old tree branch snapped and hit the glass of your mobile home. It doesn't just hit it, it breaks. If you have good insurance, it is repaired and a new one is placed, and that's it. Zero drama.


Water can sometimes generate humidity, wear, leaks and leaks. We suggest that you take this into account when contracting insurance with a professional.

After more than 20 years of experience as a leading static caravan dealer, the insurance sector, at, we can say that no two policies are the same, because no two clients are the same, who use their motorhome exactly the same. For this reason, we will tell you a general approach and we invite you to contact us so that we can make you a budget for custom-made towable motorhomes.

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