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Rebrand for Little Spoon Baby Food Reflects Fresh Approach

Rebrand for Little Spoon Baby Food Reflects Fresh Approach

Since launching its Babyblends refrigerated organic purées for babies in 2017, Little Spoon Organic, LLC has expanded its product line to include toddler and kids meals, vitamin boosters and remedies, and most recently smoothies. From the outset, Little Spoon’s packaging—a cup with attached blue spoon, decorated with minimalist, modern graphics—has reflected the brand’s strategy, which is to provide “high-quality, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced solutions that make it easy for parents to keep their kids healthy.”Get more news about packaging machine spoon,you can vist our website!

In early 2021, as the San Francisco-based company got ready to roll out a new line of preservative-free, cold-pressed smoothies, it used the occasion to refresh the packaging for all its products, with assistance from its agency of record, Little Big Brands (LBB). “Critical to the rebrand was reflecting our fresh take in a space that has remained largely unchanged, despite all the ways parents—their standards and their lifestyles—have evolved,” explains Little Spoon VP of Brand Marketing & Partnerships Caryn Wasser. “We got started to truly do things differently, and we wanted to communicate that approach in our brand ID.”

According to LBB partner Pamela Long, despite Little Spoon’s staggered introduction of new products, the brand always maintained a cohesive look, but the development of the smoothie line provided a clear opportunity for the brand to be more overt in its design. “As they were spearheading a new wave of innovation, it was the perfect time to reconsider the brand as a whole and elevate that connective tissue,” she says.

LBB gathered insights for the redesign using online research tools to get quick feedback and align on design. “Thankfully, many of the folks on the client side and agency side are Little Spoon consumers,” Long says. “So we love and live this brand ourselves and see firsthand what is working and what isn’t—from the ordering protocol, to the unboxing, to the feeding experience. There is also a growing, robust online community of Little Spoon parents that we tap into regularly; their feedback and experience shapes everything we do.”

When rebranding Little Spoon, LBB needed to consider modern D2C design codes. “Generally speaking, designing for D2C is different than a brand that will live and compete at shelf,” explains Long. “With D2C there just aren’t as many rules. You don’t have to worry about as many competitive nuances, and there is a lot less copy and regulations for on-pack, which frees up the design and allows for more creativity. There is also more opportunity to create a cohesive brand as you don’t have the same issues with differentiating SKUs at a retail level. Lighting, shelf placement, brand blocking—none of those things apply.
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