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The Reason You Need Bookkeeping Services

What your bookkeeper does and doesn't do for you? What do accounting services include? The bookkeeper in San Antonio is one of your business's strategic partners; he takes care of the company's figures and helps you identify solutions for fiscal optimization. Establishing what the partnership entails from the beginning is essential for a fair and non-conflicting relationship. That is why you need to tell him from the start what type of bookkeeping services you need and the cost for the services contracted to be sure you get what you ask for.

What Bookkeeping Services Can an Accountant Do for You?

To begin with, you must know that although the accountant is the one who prepares the accounting records, you are the one who is responsible and manages the company's accounting as the legal representative of the company. At the same time, even if the tax optimization solutions are offered through the bookkeeping services, the decisions must be made by you as a manager. Therefore, to better understand what the accountant does and doesn't do for you, let's determine which accounting services you can benefit from and what extra services you can request from the accountant outside of the predetermined fee.

What Can a Bookkeeper in San Antonio Help You With?

• accounting chronological registration of accounting items based on the primary documents drawn up by the client - this involves the registration in the accounting software of all operations, from the supporting documents you give to the accountant monthly: invoices issued, invoices received from suppliers, receipts, orders payment, bank statements, statements, etc.
• the bookkeeper in San Antonio will draw up the register of receipts and payments - this register will include all the operations that you have carried out for a company in a period
• drawing up the sales journal – this journal details the provision of services/sales of products as well as the VAT related to the transactions

Other Things a Bookkeeper Needs to Do

• drawing up the purchase journal - this journal details the company's purchases
• drawing up the cash register – this register includes all cash payments and receipts and is drawn up only in the case of companies without a cash register
• fixed assets record and monthly depreciation calculation - if you purchase a machine, it must be registered in the company's accounting
• analytical and synthetic customer/supplier records - through bookkeeping services, you will always know how much you have to collect and which invoices you must pay.
• preparation and transmission of monthly trial balances.

Taxes and Declarations as Part of Your Contract

• preparation and submission of tax and tax declarations – the bookkeeper is the one who prepares representations concerning income/profit tax, VAT payable/recovered, and contributions related to salaries.
• calculation of the amounts related to taxes and duties due – based on the declarations submitted, the accountant will calculate your taxes and payment taxes
• provide the necessary details to make the payments related to the due taxes and fees - based on the payment orders received from the accountant, you can pay the San Antonio debts. So important! The customer will always ensure the execution of these payments.

Payroll and HR Are Something Bookkeepers Can Help

• the preparation of the payroll statements and the preparation and submission of declarations regarding the obligations related to personnel rights - the accountant is also the one who takes care of the payroll part). Monthly, it will calculate your payment contributions for the wages owed to employees
• preparation and transmission of any change regarding employees (salary increase, contract suspension, employee termination, new employees, etc.)
• adjustment of record sheets per payer and obtaining tax attestation certificates. If there are differences between the trial balance and the synthetic sheet, it will make the necessary adjustments.
• bookkeeping services include representation or assistance in the case of tax audits.

Services not Included

As in the case of any other service, in the case of accounting services, there are also services for a fee outside the monthly, recurring tariff. Thus, the preparation of annual and quarterly balance sheets is usually invoiced with the value of one month of accounting services. There are also services not included, which the accountant cannot do for you and your business:
• management accounting records
• collection of company documents from San Antonio state institutions
• services related to the cash register (installation/uninstallation, etc.)
• legal and administrative services, such as drafting contracts, obtaining various institutional authorizations, etc.

The Type of Service Provider

If your accounting service provider is an accounting firm that has employees and provides them with good working conditions and a decent salary, then this will be reflected in the price. Therefore you will pay a higher fee than if you had a bookkeeper who does not have employees and works as a freelancer for a certain number of clients. At the same time, an accounting firm usually has access to more resources and can provide you with a broader range of services. Therefore, when choosing your accountant, you must pay close attention to the facilities offered. For example, in addition to standard services, you could also benefit from billing services, monthly reports, online accounting services, etc.

What Is the Price of Accounting Services?

Of course, all these extra benefits will also be reflected in the price of the services, thus representing higher costs for your business. After evaluating the above variables, the price of the accounting services will be formed from the cost related to the established services: accounting, PAYROLL, consultant, billing, reporting, etc. Indeed, anyone wants to pay a fair fee for the services received. So, how do you ensure your accountant's asking price is right? First, analyze the number of monthly documents, determine what accounting services you need, and study the accounting services market. A fair price is not necessarily lower. Instead, make sure that the bookkeeping services you receive are quality. 382 days ago
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