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1. There are two types of revolving door handles. The fixing screws can be seen and the fixing screws can not be seen from the outside. If the fixing screws can be seen, first remove the fixing screws at the lock tongue.
2. Remove the locktongue, and then remove the screws on the baffle in the room, you can see the internal fastening structure, and you can remove it in order. In some places, there are special circlips, so you need to prepare circlip pliers. Remove.
3. The lock with the fastening screw cannot be seen from the outside. First remove the screw at the bolt part and remove the bolt. There is a small hole on the lock rod between the handle inside the room and the door. Accessories or find a pointed object yourself.
4. Insert the head of the door handle while pressing it into the small hole. After the rotating head is removed, turn the fixed metal plate on the lock lever close to the door to remove it, and then you will see two fixing screws, remove the screws With fixed iron pieces, the entire lock can be removed outside the room.
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