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The latest model N700S adopts NTN high performance bearing

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NTN Corporation (hereinafter referred to as NTN) high-performance, high-reliability bearings are used in N700S axles, drive gearboxes and traction motors. The N700S is the latest model of the Tokaido Shinkansen (rolling and rolling stock), which started operations in July this year.

N700S has the world's first battery-based automatic operation system for high-speed railways, and realizes a "standard vehicle", which can flexibly compose a vehicle by making the underfloor equipment compact and lightweight. It is the "best Shinkansen" to achieve the best riding comfort and comfortable space.

The bearings we use in N700S are manufactured using the design and manufacturing technology accumulated by NTN in the development and supply of Shinkansen bearings and through the quality control system. They are necessary components to realize the safety, stability and comfort of the N700S and support its safe and comfortable operation.
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